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Ocean Orientation 

The first snorkel introduces students to snorkeling techniques as well as the marine ecosystems at Howland's Landing. Instructors will help students of all swimming levels feel comfortable in the ocean environment. This snorkel will be the first opportunity for students to explore the wonders of the kelp forests and discover the connectedness of land and sea, humans and nature.

Kelp Connections

Our second snorkel focuses closely on the unique kelp bed community within our cove. Students will observe an organism of their choice and learn how it is connected to others within the ecosystem. These connections are discussed and expanded to include connections between the kelp bed ecosystem and human communities.

Adaptive Strategies

Schools joining us for our five-day program will have the option of a third daytime kayak-snorkel combo. This activity gives students the chance to explore a new underwater setting while becoming familiar with the behavioral and physical adaptations that aid in an organism’s survival.

(7th grade and older only)


Explore the wonders of the island while kayaking. Students will have the opportunity to view both the kelp forest and terrestrial ecosystems from a new perspective. Instructors share stories of the island's history while pointing out coastal plant and animal life.

Microscope Lab

Using our video microscope laboratory, students get an up-close look at the microscopic creatures that live in the kelp forest. Students witness how these fascinating organisms, although small, provide invaluable services to the kelp forest community.

Shoreline Investigation

Where the land meets the sea. Students examine the organisms found in the intertidal zone and learn about the adaptations that help them survive in this constantly changing environment.

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