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Year after year, I see CELP have a life-altering impact on our next generation of leaders.  At CELP, students are engaged in relevant, important, and urgent learning and are then inspired to make a positive difference in their world.  CELP instructors get students to make new connections to their lives and use the island’s unique classroom to internalize their learning.  Instead of linear, two-dimensional thinking, students learn to think in cycles, see the interconnected complexity to environmental issues we are faced with, and discover new ways to live more in tune with the planet and it’s inhabitants.

- Ben M, Teacher/Chaperone


Goals of CELP

To give students a positive view of themselves


To develop knowledge and respect for the outdoor world

To give students skills in communication, teamwork, and friendship building that will help them throughout life


To inspire youth to live more sustainably and take responsibility for their future


CELP Programs

A list of offered land and sea activities that are led by qualified environmental educators and based upon a robust curriculum.


Trip Planning

A list of resources and information to prepare and plan for your trip

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Curriculum Standards

The CELP curriculum has been aligned with many California State Science Standards. In addition, concepts taught at CELP closely follow the new California State Education and Environment Initiative (EEI) Principles and Concepts. 

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