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Students are separated into Canyon Camp and Beach Camp, each located in different areas of camp. Cabins house up to twelve guests, and are equipped with canvas windows and doors to allow in natural light and provide a rustic atmosphere. Each cabin has six bunk beds, a single electrical outlet, an overhead light, and a broom. Chaperones can either sleep in the cabins with students or in nearby cabins, depending on the wishes of the school.

Canyon and Beach Camp areas each have their own separate shower and restroom facilities. Restrooms are equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, and individual shower stalls. Our low-flow shower-heads deliver hot water in less volume than conventional shower-heads, without a loss of pressure. Guests and staff alike abide by our one shower per day rule to further reduce our water usage.




As our feedback indicates, the kitchen staff at Howlands Landing delivers a menu far above typical camp fare. Guests enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner served buffet style from the camp lodge. Schools sit together in long rows of tables under the roof of our open air dining hall. Each meal features a kid and adult friendly hot entree. Fresh fruit and cereal accompany breakfast, while lunch and dinner menus include a full salad bar. Meat and vegetarian meals are available. Dinner includes a dessert. As cost and availability allow, we are incorporating many organic food selections into our menu.


We are happy to make accommodations for those with food allergies and other dietary needs. Please inform us of any special food requirements when booking your group’s visit. After each meal, guests and staff alike compost all plant-based food scraps, keeping tens of thousands of pounds of waste from entering the island landfill every year.

Program Facilities


Our beachfront dive deck provides students and chaperones with all of the gear needed to comfortably explore the kelp forest. We have 7mm wetsuits, fins, masks, hoods and booties in a wide range of sizes. The deck itself is made out of recycled, splinter-free Trex material.


Feel safe as you don a harness and expand your comfort zone on our climbing wall or high ropes course.  Our course and equipment are routinely inspected and comply with ACCT standards.  All staff are trained in proper belay procedures and operation of both courses.


Our indoor video microscope lab allows students to examine and share tiny critters found in the algae right off the beach. Zoom in to discover the hidden life of the kelp forest!


The camp is equipped with a fleet of durable, sit-on-top kayaks.  We have a range of kayak styles including singles, doubles and XL’s. Our staff lead each group through a thorough paddle demonstration prior to launching off of our beach. Lifejackets are provided to ensure a safe kayak adventure.


In addition to program spaces, we have a soccer field, tennis and basketball courts, volleyball, ping pong tables, frisbees, and lots of open space for students and chaperones to enjoy during free time. Ga-ga is a dodgeball-like game played in an octogonal court that students are sure to enjoy.


Built by staff, students, and volunteers, the garden and compost project was constructed using recycled and sustainable materials found and harvested on site.  Students get the chance to see and participate in an ongoing cycle, from chopping up their food scraps to sifting soil, planting seeds to sampling organic garden-fresh vegetables.

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