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Information on CELP


Spring 2025 Season:

February 24 - May 22

Fall 2024 Season:

September 10 - November 15

CELP Tuition for Spring 2025

CELP Tuition for Fall 2024

Our Participants

CELP hosts a range of group types. While a majority of groups are school-affiliated, we also host various special interest groups, clubs, troupes, church youth groups, after-school programs, and special-needs groups. The following list outlines who comes to CELP: Groups of youth in grades 4 through 12 Groups ranging from 12 to 130 participants. Groups of youth accompanied by adult chaperones. Groups looking for a hands-on, experiential outdoor education program.

Our Chaperones

A chaperone is any adult that a group brings with them. Chaperones can be teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, and other adults capable of helping with the supervision and care of the students. Schools select their own chaperones according to guidelines given to them by CELP, as well as any guidelines put out by their school administration. The head chaperone is the assigned Group Leader of the visiting group and generally the person responsible for making the trip arrangements. The head chaperone acts as a liaison between the camp directors, the other chaperones and the school.

A Day at CELP



9:00am - 12:00

Ocean Orientation Snorkel



2:00pm - 3:30pm

Garden & Composting

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Climbing Wall



7:00pm - 8:30pm

Night Hike

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Free Time

Sports Courts

Gaga Ball

CELP Store

Hang at Cabin

Supervised by Chaperones

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