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Teambuilding initiatives and challenge course elements round out the CELP experience. Emphasizing cooperation, leadership and personal responsibility, students gain the skills needed to build a successful team.

Tier 1: Team Building

Students are given low-ground challenges to solve as a group. Whether balancing, supporting, juggling, untangling, linking, or communicating with their hands, students move through a sequence of activities designed to develop skills in problem-solving and cooperation. 

Tier 2: Climbing Wall

Tier 2: Climbing Wall

Building on the skills practiced during Challenge Tier I, students are given the opportunity to don a harness and attempt the climbing wall. With the help of the group, our trained-staff provide verbal encouragement and ground support. This activity follows a “challenge by choice” philosophy, allowing students to set their own personal climbing goals.Made from recycled plastic and wood scraps, the durable Trex material used to build the wall offers a splinter-free climb. For an extra challenge, climbers can test their strength and agility on the Overhang route.

Tier 3: High Ropes Course

Expand your comfort zone and enjoy the view! With elements like the Eagle’s Perch, Catwalk, and Broken Bridge, the high ropes course offers plenty of challenge and excitement. Fully equipped with ropes, harnesses and helmets, students are supported by an on-ground belay teams made up of trained staff, chaperones and students. Count “one, two, three” and make a leap of a lifetime.

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