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Having your student attend CELP means they will be receiving a hands on educational experience that immerses them in nature, encourages them to discover, and invites them to connect - to themselves, others, and the environment. 

We strive to creative positive change by empowering our youth to be environmental stewards. They will return home with a deeper relationship to the world around them and their role within it. 

To prepare them for bettering our future, we would like to prepare you with the necessary information and paperwork to have a smooth and memorable CELP trip. 

Please explore below or reach out with questions!

Coming to CELP in 8th grade was deeply influential in my life. I knew by the end of my five days on Catalina Island that I wanted to work for this program. Not only were the staff all very knowledgeable about marine biology, ecology, and sustainability (to name a few), but they so clearly loved where they lived and worked, and the community they were a part of. I feel so lucky to be a part of the CELP Staff now and to introduce future students to the same magic I witnessed many years go! 

- Avalon, CELP Staff and Former Student

Before joining the CELP staff in 2016, I came to Catalina twice as a college student through Colorado State University’s Alternative Spring Break volunteer service program. My experience at CELP opened my eyes to the beauty of the outdoors, the importance of sustainability, and the ecosystem services that keep our planet thriving. Inspired by the work that the CELP staff were doing, I went back to school and switched my field of studies to Natural Resources, earned my degree, and aligned my career trajectory so that it would someday bring me back to CELP! 

- Sarah F, CELP Staff and Former Student

Parent Packet

Helpful information to prepare for your student's CELP trip, including:

- Packing List

- Health Form

- Contact Information

Health Form

Student Health Form to be fully completed and brought on island with school.

Food Allergy Form

To be completed only if your student has a Food Allergy and/or Dietary Restriction.

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